Series Operation Black Tide: On Amazon Prime In February 2022

Operation Black Tide, a true-life Spanish TV series, follows the story of the first narco-submarine intercepted in Europe, off the coast of Galicia.

Amazon Prime Video unveiled the first images of the Amazon Exclusive  Operation Black Tide series, inspired by the true story of the first narco-submarine intercepted in Europe and which will premiere exclusively on Prime Video in February 2022.

Operation Black Tide (Operación Marea Negra)  is directed by Daniel Calparsoro  and it stars actor Álex González  (3 Caminos) in the main role of Nando. The cast is made of  by national and international stars such as Nerea Barros (The minimal island), Nuno Lopes (White Lines), Miquel Insua  (La Unidad ), Luis Zahera  (El Reino),  Xosé Barato (Alba), Carles Francino (Las cable girls), Manuel Manquiña (Before burning), Lúcia Moniz  (Love Actually ),  Luís Esparteiro (Super Pai ), David Trejos (Lost),  Leandro Firmino (City of God) and  Bruno Galiasso (Marighella ).   

The series is set in November 2019, and follows the route of a handcrafted semi-submersible submarine that traverses the Atlantic Ocean with three tons of cocaine inside. Its crew, three men, survive storms, currents, breakdowns, hunger, fights and constant police harassment. At the helm is Nando, a young and poor Galician amateur boxing champion from Spain and an expert sailor who is forced to find other means to earn a living.

The new Amazon Exclusive series  Operación Marea Negra  will feature four 50-minute episodes produced by Ficción Producciones (3 roads, Live without permission), with  Mamen Quintas  and Julio Casal  as executive producers, together with the regional televisions CCMA, CRTVG, SAMC , EITB MEDIA, TVPC, RTPA and IB3, led by TVG co-producing in Spain.

The script is written by  Patxi Amezcua (Limitless , Seventh) with Natxo López (Lost, Charon, Living without permission) , and the series is directed by Daniel Calparsoro, Oskar Santos (The favorites of Midas, Hierro, Zipi and Zape and the marble club)  and the Portuguese Joao Maia (Casos da vida, One-way ticket).

To mark the premiere of the fiction series,  Amazon Prime will also showcase the documentary series Operación Marea Negra: La travesía suicida,  directed by Colombian filmmaker Luis Avilés  and produced by Ficción Producciones. This 4-part docu-series will delve into the real 26-day journey across the Atlantic of the narco submarine, intercepted off the Galician coast with cocaine in its interior.

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