Get Away With You! Renfe Offers Discounted Tickets For €19

Renfe is offering discounted tickets starting at €19 for travels beginning 10 May, when the latest and hopefully final Estado De Alarma ends…

In these troubled times, it is not unusual to find some good travel deals, and Renfe, the Spanish railway company, can undoubtedly provide some. The most recent discounts has been announced, for travel beginning 10 May at a cost of only 19€. It is the official date for the end of the State of Emergency to end, so the company is looking to make a stack of bookings.

This is not the only discount on offer. There is already a deal where tickets start at €15 for Ave trains and for travel between 23 June 23 and 11 December. The difference is that the new offer applies to all trains, including the Ave, Alvia, Euromed and Intercity.

The sale also coincides with the arrival of the French low-cost carrier Ouigo, as well as heavily discounted tickets on the Madrid-Barcelona route. The French company began selling tickets on this line for as little as €9, which made the Spanish company nervous. While competition may not be good for Renfe, it is certainly good for its passengers, it seems.

Despite Renfe’s disastrous year, the future looks very bright once normal life returns. Last week, French lawmakers voted to end domestic flights on routes that can be covered in less than two and a half hours by train. It’s a risky move that won’t be easily replicated by many countries due to their size, but it will undoubtedly be imposed on Spain, especially in the run-up to the upcoming UN COP26 Climate Change Conference in November.

Although French trains are faster than Spanish trains, if Spain follows this rule, many flights in the country may be cancelled. Given that a plane emits 77 times more CO2 per passenger than a train, it seems odd to have, to name one example, a lot of daily flights from Madrid to Valencia when our city can be reached by train in under two hours. The majority of journeys to provincial capitals in Spain take less than two hours, and even the longest ones, to Seville and Barcelona, are just shy of the two-and-a-half hour limit set by France.

Even if it does not happen this year, observers expect it to occur soon. Spain is currently falling far short of the EU’s emissions targets for 2030, so more drastic measures need to be implemented sooner than expected.

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