The Head Series: Spanish Thriller Saga Continues

The new instalment of a popular Spanish TV thriller, The Head series, is currently in production, with no date for the release published yet.

Madrid’s production company, The Mediapro Studio is teaming up with Hulu Japan to film the new instalment of a popular Spanish thriller saga, The Head series, season 2. Season 1 was a huge hit and debuted in over 90 countries. Director Jorge Dorado is currently helming production of the English-language shoot in Tenerife in Spain.

Dorado’s English-language Spanish series is a terrifying psychological story that follows Johan Berg as he tries to solve the mysterious murder and disappearance of a group of North Pole researchers, The Winterers, as they weathered the darkest part of the year for the region. With a killer on the loose and his wife among the missing, he must trust a young doctor named Maggie who is seemingly the sole survivor and the only one with any leads and answers as to what went down while he was gone. Needless to say, the high stakes, isolation, and mystery make for a wonderful and thrilling ride…

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