Travel Ban To Spain Extended Again

Not much will change in regulations this month – the government has decided to extend the existing travel ban to Spain until the end of November

The government has decided to maintain the travel ban to Spain, which affects visitors from non-EU countries.

According to an official Ministry of Health publication, the travel ban to Spain imposed on those coming to the country from outside the EU and for non-essential reasons will remain in effect until November 30, and on December 1, the Ministry will issue a new set of rules.

Third-country nationals travelling to Spain for essential reasons will be required to present a vaccination certificate indicating that the holder has been fully immunised against the virus with one of the recognised vaccines.

Despite the fact that Spain maintains strict entry restrictions for visitors from non-EU/Schengen Area countries, several territories are exempt due to low infection rates.

Australia, Argentina, Bahrain, Canada, China, Chile, Colombia, Jordan, Kuwait, Namibia, New Zealand, Peru, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Taiwan, and the Chinese administrative regions of Macau and Hong Kong are currently on Spain’s list of epidemiologically safe third countries.

Travelers from any of these third countries are welcome to visit Spain without restrictions or the need to undergo any type of testing. Nonetheless, they are required to complete a Health Control form.

The Health Control Form is actually mandatory for anybody entering Spain. It must be completed and signed online prior to departure for Spain. A QR code will be obtained in this manner, and it must be downloaded and shown to national authorities on a mobile device or printed on paper.

Besides these non-EU countries, Spain is currently imposing certain rules on several EU countries that have seen an increase in infection cases.

Travellers arriving in Spain from a large number of EU countries on the high-risk list must show proof of vaccination or medical proof of recovery from the virus. Those who do not have either of the two certificates must present a negative test result to gain entry.

Germany, Austria, Greece, Sweden, France, and Italy are among the EU countries on Spain’s high-risk list.

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