Valencia Is Named One Of The Best Fishing Spots In Europe in 2022!

Here’s another in a surprising string of honours bestowed upon our city recently: Valencia is named one of the best fishing spots in Europe in 2022, according to the largest online portal for fishing trips, FishingBooker.

It looks like 2022 will be a year for Valencia in travel media. Not only that our city will be a World Design Capital, and the European Smart Tourism Capital this year, but, more and more, it finds its place on the various lists of most desired destinations in Europe and World. The last one in this series comes from the biggest online portal for booking of fishing trips, FishingBooker, that has put Valencia onto it´s list of nine best fishing spots in Europe in 2022.

In terms of marketing, 2022 appears to be one of Valencia’s best years. Not only is our city this year’s World Design Capital and European Smart Tourism Capital, but it is also increasingly popping up on lists of Europe’s and the world’s most desired destinations. The latest entry in this series comes from FishingBooker, the largest online booking portal for fishing trips, on which Valencia is named one of the best fishing spots in Europe in 2022.

Valencia is also one of only two Mediterranean destinations on this list, along with Larnaca in Cyprus. The fact that Valencia is named one of the best fishing spots in Europe in 2022 is also welcome news for those who believe that the Mediterranean has been depleted of fish due to overfishing.

Why was Valencia featured on the list? Here are some reasons, according to the FishingBooker:

Valencia’s mouthwatering gastronomy (it’s home to paella, after all), beautiful weather, and miles of gorgeous coastline have already established it as a firm holiday favourite for travellers from across the globe. However, that’s not all it has to offer. It’s also a hidden gem when it comes to Tuna fishing! During the months of June and July, the port of Valencia becomes a hub for anglers looking to battle Bluefin Tuna reaching up to 500 pounds. In addition, you can also target Mahi Mahi, Bluefin Tuna, Grouper, and Swordfish in these saltwaters.

Valencia boasts some excellent freshwater fishing options, too. The mighty Ebro River forms a large delta between Valencia and Barcelona before emptying out into the Mediterranean. It’s an incredible Carp fishing spot, and Catfish are also on the menu here. Nearby, there’s the Cofrentes Reservoir, a man-made body of water that holds Carp, Catfish, Salmon, Madrilla, Zander, and more.

Can’t get enough of Valencia’s angling-related offerings? You’ll be pleased to know that the city of Valencia will host the annual European Float Angling Championship in September 2022 in the port of Gandia. The championship includes an opening ceremony, hosted dinners, training, and plenty of healthy competition. Looking to explore the city itself? There are beaches and historical landmarks to explore – as well as plenty of delicious food to try!

The full list of the best fishing spots in Europe for 2022 can be found below.

  • Valencia, Spain
  • Norfolk, England
  • Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Brittany, France
  • Bornholm, Denmark
  • Orkney Islands, Scotland
  • Vicenza, Italy
  • Kola Peninsula, Russia
  • Sava River, Slovenia

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