Street Light Poles To Become Electric Vehicle Charging Points In Valencia

The City Council has begun the installation of electric vehicle charging points in Valencia. So far, it is a modest attempt, but the second phase could have far-reaching implications.

The City Council has installed a dozen new electric vehicle charging points in Valencia, or six new recharging columns with two plugs each.

The installed columns are located at the following addresses: Carrer de Sant Vicent Màrtir, number 55 (next to Carrer del Frare, near the Town Hall); Joaquin Ballester Street, next to the IVO; Blasco Ibañez Avenue, number 26 (near the Hospital Clinic, on the sidewalk in front); Carrer de Masquefa, number 30 (in the Benimaclet neighborhood); Avenida del Primero de Mayo (near the Ciudad Administrativa Nuevo Octubre).

According to Councilor Lluisa Notario, “the City Council’s goal is to promote this type of mobility and facilitate the deployment of necessary infrastructure to encourage the use of electric vehicles.” The move also serves to demonstrate the resolution in the fight against climate change, and it is a first step in the energy transition process. All of this is an important part of Valencia’s strategy to become a carbon-neutral city by 2030.

However, while this installation was nothing to write home about, it is part of a larger project,  whose second phase is not only particularly interesting but may have a far greater impact. The part of the second phase, a so-called Match Project, which is still in the works, aims to convert street light poles into electric vehicle charging stations in Valencia.

This novel project aims to provide a great solution:   the vehicles will be charged by using the vast infrastructure of the street lighting system, during the day, when it is underutilized. The existing street light poles could provide semi-fast charging of up to 22 kW per plug during the day (when the lighting is turned off) and 1.5 kW in slow charging mode at night (when the lighting is operational).

It’s a simple but brilliant idea whose mechanics and costs  are still unknown. However, if it becomes a reality, it will solve the city’s charging problem. The most pressing issue in the future use of electric vehicles in big cities is the availability of charging stations, because electric cars need to recharge very frequently. As a result, a massive recharging infrastructure with many more electric vehicle charging points in Valencia, particularly those with charging times of up to a couple of hours, will be required.

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