Walls Collapse On Abandoned Plot In El Carme In Valencia

Because of its rainforest-like appearance, the abandoned plot in El Carme in Valencia has become a mini tourist attraction in the Old Town.

Not only do the buildings in Valencia collapse, but so do the walls that surround these desolate plots. A recent case in trendy Carmen’s Calle Alta prompted passers-by to wonder how long a wall had been in place for it to collapse. The vegetation on the other side of the wall indicated that it has been there for a long time, at least decades. So, naturally, the abandoned plot in El Carme in Valencia, became a tourist attraction as well.

This type of neglect prompted El Carme Neighbor Association (Amics Del Carme) to publish an open letter to the City Council on its website, in which it raised some questions that will almost certainly go unanswered:

Tropical Forest in El Carme

“It is not the first time, and it will not be the last. Due to the pressure of the trees that grow inside, the walls of this old plot on Calle Alta have collapsed. Nature has transformed the plot’s interior over the years into a lush forest that would surely delight any child.

In El Carmen, even the walls are collapsing. Not only are the houses in Ciutat Vella in ruins, but the entire neighborhood. Years of neglect have taken their toll. But what action does the City Council take? That is the question we pose to ourselves.

For what we know, they do very little, and you’d think that seven years of long-awaited left-wing government would go a long way. No, it does not.

While Sandra Gomez enthusiastically lectures about superblocks and the 15-minute city, and Giuseppe Grezzi preaches the benefits of car-free mobility, plots sink, houses are not built, and restaurants widely abuse the space once occupied by cars.

Silently Ciutat Vella is sinking, as is this plot. Neighbors are being forcibly evicted from their homes due to noise, dirt, or violence.

Ciutat Vella is bleeding to death; we recently learned that the architecture studio Vetges Tu, which has been in Old Town since its inception, has been evicted, along with Le Monde Diplomatique and Casa Americana.

Neighbors, merchants, professionals: we are all being gradually, silently, and inexorably replaced by tourist apartments and hotels, by people who will be passing through and will not contribute to a neighborhood.”

The wall, when it collapsed

After this appeal was published, the City Council attempted to repair the hole. However, it came to a halt halfway through. Time will tell if they were missing the bricks or if the holidays had begun. Until then, we can take very nice selfies at this abandoned plot in El Carme in Valencia.

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