Fines For Unauthorised Access To Ciutat Vella From April

Ciutat Vella is a huge tourist draw and access will be enhanced by banning all but essential traffic, with hefty fines for infringements – some say, not a moment too soon.

To date, five control points have been installed, equipped with an automatic CCTV camera licence plate recognition system. Their job is to monitor any unauthorised access to Ciutat Vella.

The entrances to Ciutat Vella, in the centre of Valencia, have been controlled by cameras since the beginning of March. From 1 April,  a fine will be imposed on any vehicle accessing this area without corresponding authorisation. This measure was announced in November of last year when the Valencia City Council approved the APR (Residential Priority Areas) for Ciutat Vella Nord, a plan that defines the circulation and parking of vehicles in the old town centre.

In short, residents and shop owners will be able to enter Ciutat Vella with access cards provided by the City Council. There will be unlimited access to public transport, people with reduced mobility and emergency vehicles.

Throughout March, local police will inform drivers of the start of the APR Regulations, but from April onwards, those who violate the rules and access without the corresponding authorisation will be fined. Five security cameras, installed at five strategic access points, will keep an eye on everyone. The fine is going to be €200.

Each licence plate will be registered with cameras and compared to the APR database. An automatic penalty procedure will be initiated as soon as the system determines that your vehicle does not meet the requirements and conditions for entry to the city centre. Access to public garages is the only exception, but it is still not clear what kind of justification you would need to enter without the fine.

Free access without registration is guaranteed only for taxis, regular public transport, firefighters, ambulances and the police. Bicycles and personal mobility vehicles (scooters) will also be permitted to enter the city without prior authorisation.

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