Discover Valencia With 24 New Routes

New and imaginative self-service routes for people who want to discover Valencia in a new and different kind of light are now available online…

Thanks to the 24 itineraries prepared and published online by the City Council, through the Department of Heritage and Cultural Resources, the Valencians, the foreigners who live here and the occasional tourists, have a chance to look at our city from a different angle and to discover places outside the ordinary tourist routes.

Tourist routes, as well as historical, patrimonial and literary, are among the suggested routes. You can experience life in the novels of Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, see some of the most unique trees in Valencia and many historic buildings. Besides walking, bicycle tours are also added to the mix.

On the Cultural València website you can find an itinerary for each of the 24 proposed tours with difficulty level, duration, starting and finishing points, a map with places of interest and a brief explanation of all the things you’ll see. A brilliant addition to city´s cultural offer in times of limited mobility and extra free time.

There are four different routes if you want to learn more about the trees in Valencia, and four more if you want to relive the works of Blasco Ibañez. The Entre Naranjos route will take you to the places visited by the characters in the novel, some of them still in existence, some of them long gone. La Baracca is another route that follows the plot in the works of Ibañez, and will take you through most of the major attractions of Valencia. 

Particularly special is the València En La Memoria route, which allows you to discover public spaces, buildings or monuments that played a prominent political, cultural or daily role during the civil war, in the year in which València was the capital of the Republic. To mark these places, such as the bomb shelters on the  Dalt and Espada streets,  or the Modelo prison, 16 concrete monoliths have been placed across the city.

There are a couple of other interesting routes on offer, too. One of them, the Silk Route, examines the historical heritage left behind by the silk trade in Valencia between the 14th and 18th centuries. Another fascinating route, the Islamic Period Wall Enclosure Route, refers to the layout of the wall at the time of the Christian conquest of the city in 1238 by the troops of Jaime I, combining it with the route through the historic centre, between the Torres de Serranos and the Torres de Quart, the only two fortified gates preserved from the mediaeval wall.

Specific itineraries are also intended for cycling. The fact that the “cycling ring” surrounds the historic centre of Valencia and allows easy access to all the key areas of the city has made these tours unmissable.

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