Fallas 2022 – No Cancelation Yet !

Joan Ribo, the mayor, expects that Fallas 2022 will take place and that the contagion curve will flatten.

The mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, has emphasized that the City Council will organise “normal” Fallas 2022 celebrations in March this year, despite the fact that the current state of the pandemic is “complicated”.  At the same time he has expressed confidence that the coronavirus contagion curve “will reach a maximum in a few days and then decline.”

Ribó, in a message to the media this week, assured that the government and Central Fallera Board will follow the health authorities’ instructions “as always,” because “they are the ones in charge.”

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In this regard, he underlined the Fallas world’s “extreme responsibility” and cited the excellent behavior of all participants at the most recent Fallas, which took place in September 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In any event, we are confident that any decision made by the relevant authorities to improve the health situation will be made with complete integrity,” the mayor stated.

Fallas 2022 are still a month away, with the beginning of the activities scheduled for February 27. (if we exclude the opening of the Ninot Exhibition). On that day, the first Mascleta will be launched from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. This week also saw the release of the preliminary Fallas 2022 program, which can be found here.

But, don´t get too excited yet. At the moment, the contagion numbers are breaking new records every day.  So, we can only hope that the mayor knows something we don’t and that the numbers will decline quickly enough that we can celebrate Fallas 2022 in the manner in which this festival is meant to be enjoyed.

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