Direct Sale Of Oranges In Valencia – This Sunday Only

This Sunday you will be able to buy oranges in Valencia directly from the farmers that grow them, from 10 am to 2 pm at the Plaza de la Crida.

The Valencia City Council and Per l’Horta will organize an extraordinary market for the direct sale of oranges in Valencia – by farmers who grow them – this Sunday in front of the Torres dels Serrans. Alejandro Ramon, Councilor for Agriculture, Sustainable Food, and Horta, stated that this will be “the opportunity to buy oranges and tangerines at fair prices, directly from their producers.”

The small market will be held on Sunday, January 16 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Plaza de la Crida, the pedestrian esplanade in front of the Torres dels Serrans (Torres de Serranos). Citrus growers will be able to sell oranges in Valencia directly to consumers. According to Alejandro Ramon, “there will also be the option to purchase various other seasonal products, with oranges and tangerines as the star products.”

Farmers’ unions, agrarian and environmental organizations, and consumer associations have all backed the initiative, which aims to raise public awareness about the importance of fair agricultural product prices.

“In many cases, the price offered to the farmer is not fair and does not even cover production costs,” explained the counselor, “so we put this space at disposal to sell oranges in Valencia at fair prices, so people can afford them.” This event also takes place at a time when prices have fallen even below the cost price, a trend that has harmed navel oranges in particular.

This sale of oranges in Valencia is part of the Fair Prices campaign, which has been encouraged by Valencia City Council and promoted by Per l’Horta, as well as approximately fifteen agricultural organizations and numerous agrarians, ecologists, and consumers. This is the second edition, following a hugely successful onion and potato market in Valencia in June.

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