Non-Lucrative Visa In Spain In 2022 – Show Me More Money!

The amount required to obtain a non-lucrative visa in Spain in 2022 has changed, as it does every year, but the increase is still less than the official inflation figures.

The money portion of the visa requirements for those moving to Spain has changed as of January 1, 2022. If you want to apply for a non-lucrative visa in Spain in 2022, you will have to show more money in your account than in 2021, because the government has increased financial qualification requirements. This means that would-be Expats will need to double-check their figures to ensure they still meet the requirements.

However, given recent price changes in Spain, the 2.5% increase is still trailing inflation, which hovered around 6% in 2021.

To obtain a non-lucrative visa in Spain in 2022, the applicant must show proof of at least €27,792 guaranteed income or savings, up from €27,115 in 2021. The required sum increases by €6,948 for each dependent in the application. This means that the four-person family will have to have €48,638 available.

When the initial one-year visa expires and the applicants want to renew it for another two years, the amount will double because the authorities require sufficient funds in the account to last a full 24 months. As a result, the single applicant must demonstrate availability of €55,584 plus an additional €13,896 for each dependent. It means that the four-person family (husband, wife, and two children) will have to show the Spanish authorities close to €100.000 (€97.273).

A foreigner can apply for a permanent residence permit after 5 years of holding a non-lucrative visa. There are no future financial requirements once obtained. To get there, a family of four will need to document close to €50.000 for a year, and close to €100.000 for subsequent four years.

There are also rumors that Spanish authorities in various provinces may request even more available funds. Therefore,  it is advisable to consult with a local lawyer to determine the exact amounts. Although one of the main requirements is to present a bank statement for the last three months (which means the funds must have been in the account for at least 3 months prior to the application), some offices and embassies require a six-month statement.

Other requirements for a non-lucrative visa in Spain in 2022

To obtain a non-lucrative visa in Spain in 2022, one would also need private health insurance with a no-copayment clause, a specifically worded medical certificate, a police clearance certificate from the places where the applicant resided in the previous 5 years, and confirmation of a place to stay in Spain (either long term lease or title deeds if property is purchased). To make matters more complicated, none of the documents could be more than three months old once they are presented.

The application for the non-lucrative visa in Spain in 2022 must be made in the applicant’s home country, while the renovations can be done in Spain.

If you need an immigration lawyer to assist you with your non-lucrative visa application, you should look for one in the area where you intend to immigrate. If you are looking for a lawyer in Valencia, please contact us via WhatsApp or phone (+34-647-674-245).

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