Catch A 17th-Century Galleon In Valencia

The famous galleon Andalucia, a replica from the 17th-century, is in Valencia for two weeks only, so head down to the Marina…

The famous galleon Andalucia docked at the Marina on Friday 11 March, with Valencia one of the first stops on its massive world tour. The ship will leave our city on 5 April, and the next time we will see it will be in a few years from now, so grab your chance while you can.

This formidable replica of a 17th-century Spanish galleon is 55 metres long, with six decks and nearly 1,000 square metres of fabric in its seven sails. It is famous not only in Spain but worldwide.

It is a “true floating museum” that has travelled more than 55,000 nautical miles through oceans and seas around the world. It has docked at ports in four continents such as Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, New York and Quebec.

Although the Andalucia is modelled after the galleons of the New Spain fleet of the 17th century, it is only a little more than ten years old. It was sponsored and built by the Junta de Andalucia and the Nao Victoria Foundation to promote the Guadalquivir Rio de Historia project during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Several private companies were also involved, seeing the huge commercial opportunities that would endure long after the Expo. Ignacio Fernandez Vial designed and built the ship, after carrying out extensive historical research.

The primary material is wood – oak, iroko, and pine – with a fibreglass coating that is unique in this type of build. Despite being a replica, it incorporates 21st-century technology, especially to ensure its safety.

During your visit, you will be able to tour the decks and learn about the ship’s history, navigation, and what life on board was like more than three centuries ago. Strict sanitary measures during the pandemic have been introduced, such as disinfecting the ship every time it is opened to the public, requiring the use of masks, and limited capacity during visits, so you should buy your tickets online. 
Tickets to tour El Galeon are priced at €3 and tours run from 10am to 7pm; visit

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