Come Again? La Polleria In Valencia Selling Penis-Shaped Sweets

La Polleria, a new and unusual store, has opened its doors in Valencia. It’s big news, but it’s a short piece because of our trouble in avoiding innuendo…

After causing a stir in Madrid’s Chueca neighbourhood, La Polleria, a chain specialising in the production and sale of sweets, opened its doors in Valencia. But this is no ordinary business; as the unusual name implies, their sweets are shaped like penises. Even in more liberal countries, this is an unusual concept.

la polleria in valencia
Finally it´s their turn

The kiosk-style shop is on Calle Caballeros, just a few metres from Plaza de la Virgen and the Palau de la Generalitat Valenciana, the city’s religious and spiritual centre. It has already become one of Valencia’s most popular tourist destinations. The sign is visible to pedestrians crossing the street, but even if it wasn’t, you can’t miss the long line, which, especially on weekends, makes you wonder if the sweets aren’t given away for free.

And they are not. Called pollofres, they cost €3.80 each, plus 50 cents if you want to add one of the many coatings which range from white or black chocolate to branded names such as Petit Suisse or Kinder.

el pollero on duty
El Pollero, on duty

In addition to falleros, now in Valencia, we also have polleros. This is the name given to the shop employees, and is branded on their work uniforms.

When it opened in Madrid in December 2019, La Polleria drew a lot of criticism, but it also drew huge, never-ending lines and quickly became a tourist attraction. They are now hoping for the same thing in Valencia. By the looks of things, they’re well on their way.

One of the questions that people may have is, is it legal? Well, given how difficult it is to obtain a business licence in Valencia, it has to be. Some critics have  said the concept is sexist – why use only a male organ? The company behind La Polleria, on the other hand, has made certain that such accusations are unfounded. They have started another business in Madrid called La Coñeria, this time with sweets in the shape of the female sexual organ. If it is as successful as La Polleria, we can expect it to open in our city soon. It’s doubtful, though, that the company will be able to find another location in Valencia as prime as this one to attract those who would never normally buy something like this.

There is some good news if you think you might get your rocks off nibbling on a pollofre. The store is open every day, including Sunday, and a detailed menu lists all possible allergens, in case you are not sure what is inside. The bad news is that you cannot order online. If you want to try it, you have to go in person and join a lengthy queue. 

long queues
Long lines, especially on weekends

On the bright side, there’s a good chance you’ll bump into a lot of your Valencian friends and neighbours wanting to chew the fat…

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