Paterna Is Officially A Pet-Friendly City

Paterna, a municipality in Valencia, has officially become “Pet-Friendly City” allowing the pets into municipal buildings and public transport for the first time…

Paterna has become a “Pet-Friendly City” as of 1 April, when a new Animal Welfare Decree went into effect. Pets will now be allowed to enter public administrative buildings and the municipal urban transportation network under the new rules. Of course, some conditions must be met, but this is fantastic news for pet owners.

The Decree was approved in February, making Paterna the first town in Spain to allow domesticated animals to enter previously inaccessible spaces. They can now ride buses and trains in specially designated areas, in accordance with the rules of the transportation company. In the case of dogs, depending on the breed, some security must be provided, such as a muzzle in the case of “PPP” breeds (potentially dangerous dogs) or a leash in other cases.

Owners must ensure that their dogs do not cause inconvenience to other people who use public transport or municipal buildings, and that they do not enter areas where food and drink are consumed or dispensed. Restaurants, in other words, are still out of the question.

If such a measure were to be implemented anywhere in La Comunidad Valenciana, it would be in Paterna, some would say. It is a one-of-a-kind municipality that takes animal welfare much more seriously than any other town. According to Merche Navarro, Councillor for Animal Welfare, Paterna allocates €6 per citizen for Animal Welfare each year, making it the record holder in Spain. It also has a comprehensive pet DNA registry and encourages responsible pet ownership, with fines of up to €18,000 for animal abuse. The phrase “it’s a dog’s life” takes on a whole new meaning in Paterna.

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