La Casa De Papel Season 5 Will Be Available On September 3rd

The long awaited La Casa de Papel season 5 will air in two parts this year, in September and December

After numerous rumors about release date, it was finally confirmed when La Casa de Papel Season 5 will be available for viewing. 

According to official Netflix information, we could be in for a treat as early as the beginning of next month.

The popular series’ new and final season will be shown in two parts. The first half of the season will premiere on September 3rd of this year, with the second half, Season 5 volume 2, premiering on December 3rd of this year.

Unfortunately,  as we all know, season 5 is the series’ final installment, and its creators promised a lot of surprises.

La Casa de Papel, or Money Heist, is currently the most-watched non-English title on Netflix. The fourth season of Money Heist racked up an incredible 65 million views worldwide and was still dominating the top ten globally as of August 2021.

The trailer for La Casa de Papel Season 5 was released only two weeks ago, but it doesn’t reveal much about what to expect. However, the trailer’s caption, “Surrender is not an option,” promises a lot of fun.

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