Top Ten Most Expensive Properties In Valencia Province

If you want to buy one of the ten most expensive properties in Valencia Province, you can choose from a whole nature reserve, a portion of an ancient monastery, or a massive citrus plantation…

Have you recently inherited a fortune, discovered 1,000 bitcoins on an old computer that you had forgotten about, or won El Gordo – Spain’s lottery? We’re here to help. Sharing is caring, and all that palaver. There is always an alternative way to spend your money. One option is to invest in luxury real estate in Spain. We’ll make it easier for you by listing the top ten most expensive properties in Valencia Province.

1. House, Gandia €8m

The most expensive property in our province is a house in Gandia, selling for a cool €8m, though this price is negotiable, as ever. It’s a massive property, with 1300 square metres of covered space and 20 bedrooms and bathrooms. It also has a tennis court and a private four-hole golf course. The total land area is approximately 20 hectares of citrus plantation, which generates approximately €100,000 in revenue per year, according to the agency.

The tone of the advertisement suggests that even the agency is sceptical that it will find the right buyer: “Those who have just won the lottery and are looking for a suitable estate in Spain for their 20 children will find everything they need in this finca. It’s not cheap, but for that money, you get a palace just 8km from Gandia’s beaches. Along a straight path…” So, if you’re a bird, you’re pretty close to the beach. If you needed a mortgage, your monthly payment would be around €38,000 if you put down a 10% deposit. Though if you need a mortgage, this place is unlikely to be for you…

2. Farmhouse, Serra €6m

serra property

The second property on our list is a farmhouse in Serra, which was formerly part of the Porta Coeli Monastery. As of now, it is not the most expensive property in the province, but it is the most well-known. The roof area is 500 square metres on three floors and includes terraces, patios, a barbecue, a swimming pool, a gym, a games area, stables, and a clay pigeon-shooting platform. It has its own oil mill, irrigation reservoir, well, surveillance cameras, fortified walls, and a plethora of technology. The main house has 11 bedrooms and six bathrooms and sits on a 12-hectare estate of orange and olive trees. The house was constructed in 1614.

3. House, Torrent €6m

If you thought the first two houses on our list weren’t a good buy, take a look at our number three house in Zona El Vedat-Santa Apolonia, which is also for sale for €6m. The average square metre price of nearly €15,000 is more appropriate for Paris and London, but why not Torrent as well? The house is 420 square metres in size, with ten bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, central heating, a tennis court, a pool, and even a paddle court. It’s only been on the market for two months, but there’s a good chance it’ll be around for a long time.

4. Farmhouse, Ayora €3.95m

Ayora, a village about 130km from Valencia, is not known for its high-priced real estate. Nonetheless, number four on our list is located there. It is difficult to classify this listing as a farmhouse; it is more of a nature park, a massive 900-hectare area with 26 kilometres of fence and approximately 75 kilometres of its own roads. The farm in Ayora was used as a hunting ground, with a forest and an entire ecosystem teeming with animals such as wild boars, mouflons, deers, and mountain goats, but the current owners decided to stop hunting and instead start taking care of the animals.

The house itself is approximately 450 square metres in size, but it only has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, so it might be a little cramped for your average Russian oligarch…

5. Apartment, El Pilar, Valencia €3.9m

calle quart property

The most expensive property in Valencia City, and the first apartment on our list, is located in barrio El Pilar in Valencia’s Old Town, or Ciutat Vella. It costs a whopping €7,200 per square metre for 540 square metres. Lavishly furnished, with four bedrooms and four bathrooms it has been on the market for over a year. Since it’s been rented out on a daily basis for various events, we estimate that the owners are in no rush to sell. Hence the hefty price.

6. House, Rocafort €3.5m

rocafort house

Santa Barbara in Rocafort is one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Valencia province, and this villa exemplifies why. It is a luxury mansion with seven bedrooms and five bathrooms on nearly 900 square metres of land. Apart from the fact that it is made of stone, this house is nothing special, except for the price. What makes this house a tough sell is that it is on for a full €200,000 less with another real estate agent, which could be tricky in convincing the buyer that the offered price represents good value.

7. Atico, Exposicio, Valencia €3.3m

Aticos – penthouses – are some of the most sought-after properties in Valencia, and their prices reflect this. One of them, the seventh on our list, is for sale for €3.3m and is located in the barrio Exposicio, close to the Mestalla stadium. The house is 420 square metres in size and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It is located on the 8th floor and has a large terrace as well as an indoor heated pool with a jacuzzi. The building is relatively new, having been constructed in 1997.

8. Atico, San Francesc, Valencia €3,2m

Another ático, this time in barrio San Francesc, is the absolute record holder in Valencia province for the price per square metre. It is only 150 square metres in size, but it is on offer for €3.2m, or more than €21,000 per square metre. It has a 360-degree view of Plaza del Ayuntamiento, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, but even this cannot justify the exorbitant price.

9. House, Campolivar, Godella €3m

Campolivar in Godella is another exclusive area of Valencia, and the houses in this barrio are typically very upscale and expensive. At the moment, the most expensive one is a 700-square-meter property on offer for €3m. The house is built on four floors and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. There are three terraces, three parking spaces, and a pool.

10. House, Los Monasterios, El Picayo €3m

If you have a large family, the last house on our list is a bit of a better deal, with 15 bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The house is built on a 9,000 square metre lot in Los Monasterios, a secure, fenced urbanización only 9km from the beach. The grounds are beautifully landscaped, and there is also a decente pool.

Valencia is far from being a millionaire’s paradise, with only 624 properties costing more than €1m. Alicante Province has 2,833 exclusive properties worth more than a million euros, while Castellon Province has only 77. The most exclusive province, as expected, is the Balearic Islands, with 8,296 properties of this type, followed by Malaga (7,681, mostly in the Marbella and Benahavis area), Madrid (5,656), Barcelona (4,331), and Girona (1,682). Provinces such as Ceuta and Melilla are at the bottom of the list, without a single property worth more than €1 million, followed by Cuenca (3), Albacete, Leon, and Badajoz (5), and Huesca and Lugo (8).

Purchasing a million-euro property does not always imply acquiring a large amount of space; on the contrary, you are usually purchasing exclusivity. As a result, the price per square metre is much higher than the average. The average price per square metre of exclusive properties in Valencia province is €3,770, compared to €4,100 in Alicante, €5,100 in Malaga, and €6,400 in the Balearic Islands.

You pays yer money, yer takes yer choices…

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