Sail Of The Century: Famous Magellan Ship Nao Victoria Docks At Marina De Valencia

A replica of the only ship that survived the first ever trip around the world, Nao Victoria, will be in Marina de Valencia until this Sunday so get your skates…

Another historical ship has berthed at the Marina just a few weeks after the visit of the famous galleon Andalucia. This time it is the Nao Victoria, which sailed into Valencia’s harbour last weekend and will be available for viewing only until 9 May, when it will continue its journey around the world.

This ship is no stranger to Valencia; it visited in 2018 and 2019, but this time it is on a different mission: to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Fernando Magellan’s first voyage around the world, one of the greatest maritime adventures of all time, undertaken from 1519 to 1522. The Nao Victoria, located in Valencia’s Marina, is an exact replica of one of the five ships that embarked on this journey.

On 20 September 20 1519, Magellan left Seville with five ships, sailed across the Atlantic, and discovered the strait that now bears his name, allowing him to pass through the southern tip of South America and into the Pacific Ocean (which he also named). The fleet made the first Pacific crossing, stopping in what is now known as the Philippines, and eventually reached the Maluku Islands, completing its mission. On 6 September 1522, a depleted crew finally returned to Spain.

Initially, the fleet carried 270 men on five ships: four carracks and one caravel. Mutinies, starvation, scurvy, storms, and hostile encounters with indigenous people were among the many difficulties faced by the expedition. Magellan was killed in battle in the Philippine islands, and he was succeeded as captain-general by a succession of officers, with Juan Sebastián Elcano leading the journey back to Spain. He and 17 other men in one ship were the only ones to survive the journey and return in the same ship – Nao Victoria.

The Marina de Valencia replica is 26 metres long and seven metres wide, a masterpiece of modern carpentry, built with meticulous historical rigour. The modern-day Nao Victoria has already completed a circumnavigation of the globe, sailing more than 26,000 nautical miles and stopping in 17 countries during the years 2004 to 2006. Since then, the ship has visited hundreds of cities across the United States and Europe, attracting thousands of visitors.

This ship is probably one of the most famous in all of maritime history, and is here all week until Sunday at 8pm so get down if you can. You will not be disappointed , judging by our visit to Andalusia. 

Nao Victoria, Marina de Valencia (next to Veles e Vents); from 10am to 8pm, though no tickets will be sold after 7:30pm; children under the age of five, free; children aged five to ten, €3; others, €5, though families will receive a discount;

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