Open Valencia: Artists And Galleries Translating Contemporary Art

From September 23 to October 1, the ninth edition of Open Valencia, the festival of Valencian contemporary art, will take place.

The Valencian Community Association of Contemporary Art Galleries (LaVAC) is preparing the ninth edition of Open Valencia (Abierto València), a one-of-a-kind festival showcasing the city’s contemporary art.

From September 23 to October 1, Valencian galleries will do their best to present contemporary art to the public in a unique and appealing manner. Over the course of more than a week, the participating galleries will open their doors to celebrate the most amazing art novelties of the next season, with each presenting its work in a unique and intriguing way.

According to the organisers, one of the main goals of Open Valencia (Abierto València) is to promote curiosity for contemporary art beyond art experts and to combat the misconception that modern art is difficult to grasp. The major tool for accomplishing this will be the ARCO Foundation’s Gallery Walk routes, which will be repeated this year, in which an artist will accompany the public on a tour of the participating galleries.

This year’s programme will feature 18 galleries, including Luis Adelantado, Benlliure, Alba Cabrera, Galeria Cuatro, House Of Chappaz Flat, House Of Chappaz Showcase, La Mercera, Tuesday to Friday, Punto, Rosa Santos, Set Espai d’Art, Shiras Galeria, Galeria Thema, and Vangar. Open Valencia 2021 will also include a gallery from Castellon (Espai Nivi Collblanc) as well as two galleries from Alicante (Aural and Isabel Bilbao). A space will be made available for them in the Center del Carme de la Cultura Contemporánea (CCCC).

The key difference in 2021 is the increased participation of institutions and galleries. Two new and interesting galleries, Liminal and Gabinete de Dibujos, both from Valencia, have been added to the list. Galeria Liminal, which is located in Plaza de Vannes 3, is described as a gallery “with an affection and desire to collaborate with female and queer artists, while also committed to a diverse and experimental editorial line.” Gabinete de Dibujos, located in Literato Azorin 33, is a unique exhibition venue devoted to modern drawing.

In this ninth edition, two awards will be handed, as in previous years. The prize for “Best Exhibition” will be presented by the Ministry of Culture, while the award for “Outstanding Artist” will be presented by Valencia City Council. More awards will be given out by the various Foundations and sponsors.

Since Valencia has the third most number of galleries in all of Spain (as expected, after Madrid and Barcelona), manifestations like Open Valencia are very important not only for maintaining the image of a “gallery city,” but also for bringing the public closer to modern art, this time in a fun and inventive way, according to the organisers.

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