Valencia Weather In April – Bright Skies Return

Valencia weather In April is very pleasant, it is one of the better months to visit the city. Although, depending on the year, it can be very unstable too.

Are you planning a trip to Valencia? Check out what the Valencia weather in April will be like…

What is the weather like in Valencia in April?

Valencia weather in April may be fickle and changeable. It is usually a bright month, much warmer than March, with daily temperatures in the twenties, making lounging in the sun and eating in Valencia’s numerous restaurants rather pleasant. The nights are cold, and it rarely rains. Humidity is high at 63 percent. It’s a great month for sightseeing, but you won’t be swimming much because the sea temperature is still around 15 degrees Celsius.

Valencia weather in April – General info

In April, the average minimum temperature (usually measured during the night) in Valencia is 11.4°C (52.52°F). April has a normal amount of rain, with an average of 39mm (1.5in). On average, it rains 5 days per month. During the day, temperatures will be very pleasant. The average maximum daytime temperature is typically around 20.7°C (69.26°F). If you enjoy looking at a blue sky and love the sun, this is a great time to visit Valencia, which has 233 hours of sunshine. April is widely regarded as one of the best months to visit Valencia.

So, what should you wear in April? Bring a rain jacket in case it rains, as it will for a few days during this period. Bring shorts or a skirt as well because it can be very warm, if not hot. There is no need to bring swimwear because the water temperature is around 15°C (59°F).

Valencia Weather in April in numbers

In Valencia, Spain, April is a pleasant spring month, with average temperatures ranging from 20.8°C (69.4°F) to 11.45°C (52.5°F).

The temperature tends to drop to around 5 °C (41.5 °F) on the coldest nights, which usually occur at the beginning of the month. It did, however, fall to 3.5 °C (38.3 °F) in April 2007.

The temperature usually reaches around 28.5 °C (83.5 °F) on the warmest days, which commonly appear at the end of the month. It did, however, reach 35 °C (95 °F) in April 2011.

Valencia weather in April can vary significantly from year to year.

How much does it rain in Valencia in April?

In Valencia, it rains for 5 days in April, with an average of 39mm (1.5 inches) of total precipitation. Throughout the year, rain falls on Valencia, Spain, for 46 days and accumulates up to 475mm (18.7 inches) in terms of precipitation. There is a 53% chance of a perfect sunny day and a 47% chance of seeing some clouds.

What is the sea temperature in Valencia in April?

The average water temperature in Valencia in April is 15°C (59°F).

Swimming in 15°C is not an enjoyable activity for most people. However, it can be very warm on the beaches, so you can spend your days there tanning. If you get too hot, you might even try to jump in.

How long is the day in Valencia in April?

The length of the day in Valencia is rapidly increasing during the month of April. The length of the day increases by 1 hour, 11 minutes from the beginning to the end of the month, suggesting an average daily increase of 2 minutes, 26 seconds and a weekly increase of 17 minutes, 5 seconds.

The month’s shortest day is April 1, with 12 hours, 39 minutes of daylight, and the month’s longest day is April 30, with 13 hours, 50 minutes of daylight.

The latest sunrise of the month in Valencia is 7:46 AM on April 1 and the earliest sunrise is 42 minutes earlier at 7:04 AM on April 30.

The earliest sunset is 8:25 PM on April 1 and the latest sunset is 29 minutes later at 8:54 PM on April 30.

Daylight saving time is observed in Valencia during 2022, but it neither starts nor ends during April, so the entire month is in daylight saving time.

Valencia weather in April is usually good for visits because the average length of the day in Valencia is 13.3h.

How sunny is Valencia in April?

In Valencia, the average sunshine is 7.8h.

What is the UV index for Valencia in April?

The average daily maximum UV index in April is 6. For the average person, a UV Index value of 6 to 7 indicates a high health risk from unprotected exposure to the Sun’s UV rays.

Take note that a daily UV index of 6 translates into the following instructions:

Protect yourself from overexposure. There is a need for sun protection. Seek shade and limit direct sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when UV radiation is at its peak; keep in mind that shade structures such as parasols or canopies do not provide complete sun protection. Sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB rays should be worn on sunny days. A wide-brimmed hat is extremely beneficial, as it can block up to 50% of UV radiation from reaching the eyes.

How humid is Valencia weather in April?

Valencia weather in April is  moderately humid, with an average relative humidity of 63 percent, which can be described as humid but cool. November has the highest relative humidity at 66 percent, while June has the lowest at 57 percent. 

How windy is Valencia in April?

Historically, the wind in Valencia blows at an average speed of 12.4 mph in April (20.0 kph). The windiest month is February, with an average wind speed of 15.2 miles per hour (24.5 kilometers per hour), and the calmest month is August, with an average wind speed of 9.6 miles per hour (9.6 kilometers per hour) (15.5 kph).

Valencia Weather in April is pleasant enough for tourists, and with any luck, for the beach as well.

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