Universal Ticket For Public Transport In Valencia From January 2022

Public transport in Valencia will undergo a complete overhaul beginning in January of next year. The city and surrounding areas will be rezoned, there will be a universal ticket that can be used on any mode of transport, and the tickets will be cheaper as well.

(23.11) A completely new regime for public transport in Valencia was announced  at a press conference yesterday, with the goal of making daily mobility in the city easier and less expensive. This news was shared by Arcadi Spain, the Regional Minister for Territorial Policy, Public Works, and Mobility, in the company of Manuel Martinez, the managing director of the Valencia Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATMV), and Maria Pérez, the Regional Secretary for Transport

The good news is that, starting in January, new travel tickets with significant discounts will be available throughout the city network. Also, the public transport in Valencia will be redefined with new zones for Metrovalencia, MetroBus, and Cercanias. The new system will make it easier to use public transportation in Valencia by unifying the three existing networks. To accomplish this, the Generalitat Valenciana will invest a total of 20 million euros, the majority of which will be used to compensate for rate reductions.

The most significant advantage is that, beginning in January, users will be able to travel on Metrovalencia, MetroBus, EMT, and Cercanias de Renfe with a single ticket and at the same price. 

To facilitate this movement, the entire network has been reduced from four to two zones:

– Valencia will be located in Zone A.

– Zone B will include the towns of Camp de Turia and Camp de Morvedre.

The area where zones A and B overlap will be treated as a single zone, which means that these tickets will be charged the lowest tariff.

Another great piece of news is the decrease in ticket prices. The price of a ten-ride package, which is currently the most popular, will drop from € 9 for one zone, € 15.50 for two zones, and up to € 26.90 for four zones to € 8 for one zone and € 12 for two zones. The new price for ten rides that include the airport is € 20.

Similarly, the monthly pass prices will change. The current price of € 45 for one zone or up to € 79.10 for four zones will be reduced to € 50 for one zone and € 53 for two zones per month. According to the announced prices, the discounts will range from 11 to 55 percent, allowing users to save significantly. Furthermore, the Youth Transport Pass will still provide a 15% discount on the price of the Transport Pass.

Tariff integration will be available only if you purchase a transport card with a minimum of 10 rides or pay a monthly subscription. If you decide to buy a single ticket, the prices will remain the same because single ticket sales will be set by each operator separately.

You can see the proposed zoning here:

Valencia Metro Map 2022

Valencia Bus Map 2022

Valencia Cercanias Map 2022

Source: Valencia Extra

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