Casa Del Rellotger – To Be Completely Renovated By July

The Casa del Rellotger will be renovated by July, and the City Council is working on a number of other historic buildings.

Valencia’s important historic buildings are being renovated one by one. When the Mercado Central and Placa de la Reina renovations are factored in, we can say that the city resembles a large construction site.

This week saw the announcement of the latest in a series of renovations. The Department of Urban Development and Renovation has awarded the drafting of the project for the old ceramic factory in Benicalap, La Ceramo, which is expected to be completed in March. Sandra Gómez, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Urban Development, announced this, emphasizing that the City Council invested more than €17 million in historic building rehabilitation last year.

Among the projects funded by this money are the Casa del Rellotger, opposite the Micalet; the Monastery of Sant Vicent de la Roqueta, in Carrer de Sant Vicent; the rehabilitation of La Farinera, in Carrer de Joan Verdeguer; work on the oil factory in Marxalenes Park and the Pavillions 2, 4 and 5 of the Port of Valencia.

The most intriguing project, however, is the renovation of the Casa del Rellotger in the city center, which began in June. It is a slow process that began with the expropriation of the plot, but it is necessary because the existing ruin is in the heart of Valencia’s most visited tourist spot. The renovation, which is expected to be completed in July of this year, will not only fix the house, but will also transform an empty plot next to it into a small square that will greatly improve the appearance of the entire area.

“The Casa del Rellotger is first mentioned in the 17th century book Els murs del Valls.  It got its name from the technicians who looked after a clock attached to the Torre del Micalet at the time, a clock that no longer exists.  Once completed, this important area in Valencia’s civic and religious heart will be a great new public space.” said the Deputy Mayor.

Sandra Gómez also highlighted the renovation of the Monastery of Sant Vicent de la Roqueta as one of last year’s major accomplishments. The renovated building is expected to become an important new spot for Valencia’s cultural scene as well as an interesting new public space.

The renovation of the Casino de l’Americà and the Alqueria de la Torre, both in the Benicalap neighborhood, are among the renovation projects that are expected to begin very soon.

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