The Goya Awards 2022 In Valencia – The Chance To See Stars In The City

The Goya Awards 2022, the most prestigious event in the Spanish film industry, will be held in Valencia next month. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see some of Spain’s biggest stars in our city.

Francisco Goya was not a big movie fan, but his name is associated with one of Spain’s most prestigious film events:  the Goya Awards. And this year, Valencia will host this Spanish version of the Oscar ceremony. 

The 36th edition of the Goya Awards will be held on February 12, 2022, at the Palau de les Arts in Ciutat de les Arts I les Ciències. As is customary, the biggest names in Spanish cinema will be dressed up for the glitz and glamour of the red carpet at this premier film award ceremony.

Given the ceremony’s national significance, the Goya Awards 2022 will be attended by València’s local and regional decision-makers, as well as top names from the Academia de Cine, including President Mariano Barroso and Vice President Rafael Portela.

It is expected that, regardless of the bad health data, that this year’s event will be much more joyful because the stars will be reunited with the fans. Last year’s ceremony was held online, with only a few people in the TV studio and the nominees and winners on the other side of the Internet.

The 36th edition of the ceremony also coincides with Año Berlanga, the centenary of the birth of the extraordinary director, Luis Garcia Berlanga. The inclusion of Año Berlanga in the Goya Awards 2022 will increase the visibility of the local events, screenings, talks, and exhibitions planned to highlight the work and significance of the great Valencian filmmaker.

The Goya Awards 2022 are set to be an incredible celebration, according to the details released. This year, for example, instead of the usual one or two presenters on stage, there will be a larger number of popular faces representing the various genres of Spanish cinema and, of course, showcasing the essence of Valencia. The organizers clearly want to delight the audience, and they will.

With so many celebrities in Valencia, you’re bound to see some of them on the streets of Ciutat Vella before and after the event. Prepare your phones for some incredible selfies.

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